Mobile Application

Mobile application of the PAL+ Group 

Our brand new mobile application will be available very soon!

Privacy Policy

The PAL+ application requires access to your device’s location data to provide outdoor navigation services and targeted mobile engagement campaigns. Our app utilizes its map for outdoor GPS wayfinding and indoor static wayfinding. When users are off-site and select a point of interest, they will receive driving directions. Depending on the mobile platform (Apple or Google), maps will be used for driving directions to the facility. Upon crossing a geofence around the facility, users will transition from outdoor GPS navigation to indoor wayfinding. Additionally, our app records analytic events to enhance your experience. We want to assure you that the data collected by the application isn’t shared with third parties, used for advertising purposes, or linked to the user’s identity. User privacy is paramount to PAL+, and we adhere to strict data protection measures to ensure confidentiality and security.

Contacting Us 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the person in charge:

Marco Paré
Director of Finance

Update 2024